Enter ALL information in the form below in order to receive credit for this test. Read each question and select your answer. You will be allowed one hour to complete the test. Unanswered questions will be scored as wrong. You must complete at least fifteen (15) answers correctly to be eligible for certification. You may refer to the Election Code and Informational Pamphlet during the examination but not other source of information may be used. You may review your test paper during the thirty day period following the date of the examination.

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1. According to law, who shall be allowed to go to the front of the line to cast a ballot at the polls?
2. For what elected offices are voters allowed to cast a provisional ballot?
3. If a commissioner fails to appear at the polling place before the opening of polls on election day, the commissioner-in-charge shall:
4. If a voter arrives without any form of photo identification, a commissioner shall:
5. lf on the signature line next to a voter's name there is "ADDRESS CONFCRMATION REQ.'' and the voter has not voted absentee, which form must be completed?
6. Which answer does NOT apply in determining whether to allow a voter to receive assistance in voting?
7. A person marked on the precinct register as "voted absentee"':
8. The name of every person who votes at the polling place shall be entered on the poll lists, kept separate from the precinct register:
9. Who compares the number on the seal and protective counter of each voting machine with the numbers on the envelope containing the keys and/or seals to the voting machines?
10. Who may challenge a voter as not eligible to vote in the election?
11. If the name of a qualified voter was omitted from the precinct register, or the supplemental precinct register, the commissioner shall:
12. In identifying a voter prior to voting, a commissioner shall first request:
13. The blue "Put In Voting Machine" (Pl6) envelope should contain:
14. One of the three grounds for challenging a person applying to vote is:
15. Prior to serving at the polling place, a watcher must:
16. lf there is a problem with a voting machine, the commissioners shall:
17. No political activity is allowed between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on election day within:
18. Who receives the sealed envelope containing the keys and/or seals to the voting machines?
19. The commissioner-in-charge shall administer the oath to the commissioners:
20. The documents required to be posted, shall be posted:

Thank you for completing the examination. Your results have been emailed to the DeSoto Parish Clerk of Court's Office. Please contact this office if you have any questions regarding this examination 318.872.3110.