December 10, 2016 Election Results

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The Clerk of Court is the Chief Elections Officer in the Parish.  As such, he serves as a member of the Parish Board of Election Supervisors.  The Clerk of Court is responsible for training all election commissioners and seeing that all precincts are staffed sufficiently for every election.  When commissioners have been certified by the Clerk, the Board of Election Supervisors selects those who will serve during the elections in accordance with Louisiana law.

*Calendar for election classes posted here.

Election Date Election Type    Special Deadline Propositions Deadline
March 5, 2016 Presidential Preference 11/4/2015 11/4/2015
April 2, 2016 Municipal General n/a 2/16/2016
November 8, 2016 Open Primary/Presidential/Congressional 7/20/2016 7/20/2016
December 10, 2016 Open General/Congressional n/a 10/25/2016
Representative Ken Andrus, District 28, is a principled, honest ...